Behind the Seams: Women, Fashion, and Work in 19th-Century France

Piper Lee McDonald assisted Professor of French and Francophone Studies Susan Hiner of Vassar College with the image sourcing, permissions, and licensing of nearly all the images used in this fascinating new publication from Bloomsbury. McDonald worked with institutions such as the Archives de Paris, Arsenal de Paris, Bibliothèque Forney, BnF, British Museum (London), Musée Carnavalet, National Portrait Gallery (London), New York Public Library, Palais Galleria, and the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam). Available for pre-order here.

About the Publication: “In this highly original book, Susan E. Hiner looks behind fashion’s seams and focuses on the women fashion producers – both working- and middle-class – who were key to shaping the French fashion economy. Behind the Seams thus opens up the fields of both fashion and French cultural studies and explores new ways of understanding the 19th century by demonstrating that these women’s complex and contradictory roles as producers of luxury items left them exploited by an oppressive fashion system even as they served as influencers within it.”