Printing Fashion – Conference and Publication

In March 2020, the MA in Fashion Studies at The New School Parsons Paris organized the second edition of the Festival ‘Printing Fashion’ in collaboration with the MAD Paris. According to their website, ‘‘Printing Fashion’ creates in Paris an independent space for discussion for practitioners, critics, academics to explore the contemporary role and value of fashion media via the specific lens of printed publications. The discussions will investigate issues of production, distribution, recycling and discharge of fashion publications; the ephemeral nature of editorial projects; the times and spaces of fashion criticism and shows’ reports; the role of magazines in archives and museums and finally the magazine as a platform for thought.’

As a contributor to the conference’s print edition, Piper was selected to write an article in relation to the conference’s theme that year: Time. Reflecting on the changing dynamics of fashion criticism, her article observed how these criticisms are manufactured and consumed in the era of the ‘instant.’ With her peer Jessica Wang, she also developed the visual interpretation for an editorial shoot based on a special edition of the magazine Numéro which covered the Berlin Film Festival. For more information on the Printing Fashion conference, click here.