L’Officiel 100: 100 People and Ideas from a Century in Fashion

Created in celebration of L’Officiel‘s centennial anniversary, Piper was one of the foremost contributors to L‘Officiel 100: 100 People and Ideas from a Century in Fashion, released in September of 2021. After developing a comprehensive knowledge of their digital and physical archives dating from 1921 through today, Piper was responsible for assisting creative director Stefano Tonchi with the ultimate direction and structure of the book. Having an exceptional familiarity with the archive, Piper’s experience was used to source images which encompassed the value of L’Officiel‘s one-hundred years as a fashion publication. Alongside her team, Piper contributed a significant amount of text entries to the book which covered over twenty topics, including ‘The Couturier’, ‘Advertising’, and ‘Next Generation’, as well as providing French-English translations and interview transcriptions.