Unknown Beauty: François Nars (2023)

Unknown Beauty: François Nars, a feature-length documentary released in September of 2023 and directed by Lisa Immordino Vreeland, is an exploration of famous maquilleur and photographer François Nars. Throughout the film, Nars reveals his creative universe through “the fashion designers and models of 70’s Paris, the underground of 90’s New York, and the cinema, filled with actors, actresses, and directors who have shaped and inspired his visual aesthetics.”

McDonald is credited in this film as an archival researcher. She assisted Immordino Vreeland in the research and identification of models, photographs, films, and more, providing historical support and verifiable accuracy to the film. McDonald also worked with various film agencies and institutions in order to uncover noteworthy and versatile materials for use in the film. This is her first project that has been released with Immordino Vreeland. She continues to work with the director on upcoming projects.